BMW raises the 3 series Gran Turismo

Munich, June 1, 2016

Three years ago, as the BMW 3-series Gran Turismo on the market came, like some fan thought the brand: who needs such a thing? More customers than you think, so far sold about 130,000 3 series GT. Particular markets such as China and the United States, where a station wagon doesn't matter, enjoy the spacious car. Now, the 3 series GT with a face lift is made ready for the second half of life.

GT with new look

The lovers of the 3 series GT (every sixth sold is 3 series Gran Turismo in Germany) can rest assured: still fit between 520 and 1,600 litres luggage in the trunk. No wonder the GT with 4.82 meters is well 20 centimetres longer than its 3 counterparts. In conjunction with 2.92 m wheelbase ensures ample space. What does BMW now from July 2016? The new standard LED lights including fog lights, rear are the most striking the LED lamps have been revised. A different apron and the now always double-suction pipes there is also striking connoisseurs.

Engines from the modular system

Inside the BMW has taken the criticism of the processing to heart. More chrome, black high-gloss surfaces and new decorative Woods are intended to improve the appearance. New is also the latest version of the professional-Navi with tile look on the screen. The engine line-up in the 3 series GT consists of three petrol engines and five diesel engines. The Turbo four-cylinder with two liters of displacement in the 320i (184 HP) and 330i (252 HP) are new. There are six cylinder in the 326 PS strong 340i. The diesel range extends from 150 up to 313 horsepower. A premiere here is the 325d, a four-cylinder with two liters of displacement and charging of levels of. 224 HP and he has the eight-speed automatic transmission on board as standard. The same applies to all 3 series GT except for the 320i, 318 d/320 d. Who departs on all-wheel drive, gets these optional for all petrol engines as well as the 320 d and 330 d, in the 335 d, he is already fitted as standard.

Market launch in July 2016

According to BMW, ausstattungsbereinigt has become the 3 series GT not more expensive. Included are always a climate control, the LED headlights, a leather multi function steering wheel or alternatively keyless engine start. Go Gran Turismo, which sets it nominally to 800 euros from July 2016 38.300 euro for the 318. The prices for the gasoline engines start at 38.550 euros for the 320i GT. As generally in the 3 series are various trim levels up to "M sport" available. Interesting also the difference between the series colleagues: including the here not standard LED headlights (cost: 990 euro) is the 318 d sedan 2,510 Euro cheaper and the 318 d touring only 810 Euro cheaper. (rh)