BMW M4 GTS: the water flow!

Munich / Pebble Beach ( USA ), August 14, 2015

That BMW brings a stripped-down race cars street legal on M4 - based, not surprising really: As early as 1988 took over the M3 Evolution first the role of the star athlete among the M3 models. This was followed by the M3 Sport Evolution (1990 ), the M3 GT (1995 ) and the M3 CSL ( 2003). The last models were the M3 GTS ( 2010) and the M3 CRT ( 2011).

Unveiled at Pebble Beach

The latest street racer 's M4 GTS and is based on the M4 in 2014 introduced. Officially, he is still considered concept car. Was unveiled the study on 13 August 2015 to the Concorso d`Eleganza in Pebble Beach, California. In Germany, the lightweight racer to IAA in Frankfurt will be to admire ( 17 to 27 September 2015) for the first time.

Hood made ​​of CFRP

Although the M4 GTS may legally drive on public roads, he was mercilessly trimmed on the track. But you missed him each manually adjustable front splitter and rear wing. The hood is made of CFRP, large air intakes in the apron to minimize the buoyancy. At the front, looking 19-incher with 265er tires contact with the floor, at the rear wheels measure 20 inches and are covered with 285er tires.

Three-liter twin-turbo from the M4

Under the hood of the concept car suggests the three-liter twin-turbo heart from the M4, the exact performance in the GTS have not been notified. In M4 produces 431 hp and the engine 550 Newton meters, the JTS, we expect about 500 horsepower. Using a technical tricks can be but in the GTS power and torque according to BMW also "felt" to push. The secret is "water injection" and comes from the M4 MotoGP Safety Car. The system works like this: Depending on the load, speed and temperature of water is automatically injected as a fine spray into the collector of the intake module. The water evaporates, thus it cools down the intake air. As a result, the combustion efficiency increases ?? This means more power with less consumption. Insiders speak of eight to ten percent more power, which would be up to 550 hp and more than 600 Nm of torque. Which driving values ​​thus would be possible, the manufacturer has not yet revealed, the standard M4 sprints in 4.3 seconds from zero to 100th

Water tank in the trunk

When M4 safety car a five-liter water tank is housed in the trunk as well as water pump, sensors and valves. The complex is controlled by an expansion of the engine electronics. Under normal driving conditions must be refilled at approximately every fifth petrol refueling loud BMW stocks. In GTS, it is likely there be no major differences, more accurate have not told the Munich ahead of the world premiere.

OLED taillights

Special features of GTS concept cars also include OLED taillights. These are organic light emitting diodes, which can, in contrast to LEDs entire surface and homogeneous. The OLEDs are very shallow and can thereby be good to individually addressable modules summarized. Thus, it is possible to make the lights different and also to change the graphic light.

Not want to reveal the price and launch

When the production model of the M4 GTS goes on sale, nor was manifested as the price. Also is still unknown, is limited to the number of copies of the car. ( hd )