Blocks crackers

London, 15th March 2016

This idea would have Lotus founder and lightweight fan Colin Chapman noticed: his most famous work, the selling now as a Caterham seven, is offered as a LEGO Kit soon.

From the idea to the series

So some people like unken now that the real-life version of the minimal British Roadster is a toy. Eventually you may even assemble the original in England. But the relatively simple form of the Caterham seven is ideal for a LEGO model. The concept is based on an idea by Carl Greatrix, a LEGO enthusiast who very realistic is building cars, trains and planes. He submitted his idea of Caterham at the so-called "Lego ideas system", an idea platform supported by the company. There, he gained 10,000 votes for his project from May to September 2015. Enough so that the cars in the series can go.

The Caterham comes also to us?

Whether inspired by VW to a modular transverse or longitudinal modular, is open. The Caterham seven in British toy stores will come in the year 2016. Both the price and the exact colour scheme are not set but yet. It is still unclear whether the vehicle in Germany will be offered. But even if it is not the case, LEGO fans need not worry. Are the local offer kits of the VW Bulli, the mini and the Ferrari F40. (rh)