Black and Red Birthday Cake with 208 hp

Cologne, October 30, 2014

General Kiessling is retired for alleged homosexual inclinations, the Bavarian Minister of Transport Otto Wiesheu loses his office for drunk driving and US President Ronald Reagan makes a little joke about bombing the Soviet Union ?? about some of what happened in 1984, you now only shakes his head. Another event of the year gets rather wistful nostalgia show: 30 years ago, the Peugeot 205 GTi was launched as a 105-hp, often bright red Rennsemmel. With the special model 208 GTi 30th, the French manufacturer wants to remember the legendary model us.

Modified chassis and eight hp more

The first version of the legendary predecessor took his 105 hp from 1.6 liters. Almost twice as much power conjures the new special version of its 1.6 - liter turbo. However, 208 hp are just eight horsepower more than the normal GTi. With this new engine the Peugeot 208 GTi 30th in 6.5 seconds to 100 ?? the production model needs three tenths longer. The top speed is unchanged at 230 km / h. Unlike the normal version, the special model has a start-stop system, which reduces fuel consumption by half a liter to 5.4 liter. In addition, the special model complies with the Euro 6 standard, while the normal GTi is still certified according to Euro 5. The body of the newcomer is an inch deeper, also the shock absorbers have been modified, the ESP set of liberal and added a Torsen differential for better traction.

Attracting attention in oblique black - red

The original 205 GTI often came in white or red and therefore had a distinctive red stripe around the many 205 owners nachrüsteten easily on tape, even if they had less horsepower under the hood. The new Birthday Edition is also available in red or white. Those who prefer flashy, but can choose a red and black two-tone paint job. The chief attraction is the oblique line behind the front doors: Here the color of black ( front car ) changes to red ( rear ). In addition, the 30th matte black exterior mirror caps and 18 - inch wheels in the same color. This contrasting red brake calipers on the front wheels and a red clip on the radiator grille. The black red look continues inside. So, the black shell seats on red marks, and there are decorative red seams on the dashboard. The standard equipment is added to the light curve and navigation system.

Nearly 28,000 €

The special model is available for purchase for 27,590 Euros. So you pay about € 4,000 premium over the normal 208 GTi. In addition there are 1,500 € for the two-color theme. An alternative is the Renault Clio RS TCe 200 EDC for 22,990 euros. Noticed more but it will be in a black and red 208 GTi 30th ( sl )