Bentley and the force screw

Crewe (Great Britain), 5 April 2016

Performance and exclusivity: Two properties that you would miss when buying a Bentley Continental GT speed directly. The fastest series Bentley (he runs 331 km/h at the top) now still has undergone a revision. The manufacturer offers more power, more torque and a new "Black Edition" the Coupé and the convertible.

More power and more torque

The 6.0 liter TwinTurbo W12 continues to work under the hood. The unit now has 642 HP (previously there were 'only' 635 HP) and sends 20 extra Newton metres on the crank shaft. The maximum torque increased this to huge 840 Newton metres, which are by further improvements to the electronic system between 2,000 and 5,000 revolutions per minute. The consequence? The Sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, so 0.1 seconds faster manages the Coupé. The acceleration time of the GT speed convertible should therefore from now in 4.3 seconds.

"Black Edition" convertible and Coupé

You can also order the Continental GT speed models now in a "Black Edition". While the painting chosen by the customer is complemented by accents in glossy black. These include trim, window frames or even 21-incher and the brake calipers. The front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and the side mirrors are, however, offered in four different and bright contrasting colors. In the Interior, it remains normal individual with leather, carbon and numerous colour contrasts, which match the selected exterior design.

Production, price, and market introduction

30 Bentley employees 12.5 hours need to reassemble the W12 engine. For a whole Continental GT, 110 hours of work are required. The new models and the "Black Edition" can now be ordered. The deliveries will begin in the summer. The prices are likely to focus on the current numbers. Currently, a convertible costs 232.764 euro, a Coupé 211.582 euro. (ml)