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Ingolstadt, April 23, 2015

Previously, there was the new generation of the Audi TT with three engines: a 230 hp 2.0 TFSI and 2.0 TDI with 184 hp and 310 hp as TTS. Like its predecessor, now comes again added a 1.8 TFSI. He now makes 180 but instead of 160 hp.

Market launch in July

From July 2015 coupe and roadster with the new entry-level engine are available. The basic price is thus reduced from 35,000 to 32,100 euros for the coupé and from 37,900 to 34,500 euros on the roadster. Thus, the closed Audi is once again cheaper than the metal folding roof convertible premium competition: The BMW Z4 will be available from € 34,250, then a 156 - horsepower gasoline engine on board. The Mercedes SLK is to have from 39,657 euros and has the initial one 184-horsepower gasoline engine. Much cheaper is the classic fabric soft top roadster Mazda MX-5, which comes in June with prices starting at 22,990 euros on the market.

Combined manifold and direct

The 1.8 - liter turbo gasoline engine is in the range from 1250 to 5000 rev / min from a maximum torque of 250 Newton meters. At part load an additional port injection complements the direct ?? which reduces emissions. The "Audi valve lift system " varies the lift of the exhaust valves, thus improving the response. The Coupé accelerates with the six-speed transmission in 6.9 seconds from zero to 100, with the six-speed dual-clutch transmission, it takes a tenth of a second longer. The peak is at 241 km / h and standardized fuel consumption is 5.7 liters. The Roadster is always a little bit slower and less efficient . ( sl)