Back to Basics: the Volkswagen Up

Last year conquered Volkswagens smallest yet the second place as the most popular new car, he is now at the sixth position. The WLTP provides for a price increase, but boarding can for almost 12 mille: this is the Volkswagen Take Up.

Volkswagen Take Up 1.0 MPI € 11.750

After major competitors such as the Kia Picanto, Toyota Aygo and Suzuki Celerio to have treated, it is the highest time to be one of the most popular little ones of the country involved to address in this section.

The triplet Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo and Volkswagen Up dates in 2011. Remarkable is that the almost identical Seat and Skoda in no fields or roads in the top 10 of most popular cars of this year. The Skoda on place 60, the Mii even at spot 124. The reasonably thorough facelift of the Up in 2016 can here a lot of influence, because in addition to the very subtle facelift of the Skoda in 2017 to drive the other two are actually still in their original jacket around.

As a true entry-level model, the Up if any of the triplets as driedeurs available, just like the GTI. In addition to the 14-inch steel wheels with plastic caps, do you recognize a base Up in one glance at the black plastic mirror covers and door handles. Any form of 'decoration' we find in the form of a shiny frieze on either side of the logo on the nose, it looks pretty bare. The free of charge to order light blue coat colour makes the look, in contrast, is something the sagittarius a whole. The blue color was intense for the driveway? Also white does not cost extra euro. Red unilak is at extra cost of € 149 available, metallic paint costs € 483.

Under the bonnet is the 1.0 MPI petrol engine with 60 horsepower. Accelerating from 0 to a speed of 100 km/h takes 14.4 in seconds, the top speed is a modest 162 km/h. No wereldprestaties, but a showroomlokker is the block. Volkswagen did, however, agree otherwise; the performed the to a 1.0-liter gasoline engine with 85 horsepower as the obvious entry-level model for the Gulf to offer. The 1.0 MPI is in addition to the 115 hp GTI and 1.0 EcoFuel on natural gas today, the only powertrain for the Up.

Except the GTI is the basic version, the only Up that if driedeurs to get. Rear doors at a cost of € 380 extra. The Take Up is also equipped with a handful of standard features: the doors can be remotely opened and closed, diamonds go electric up and down, daytime running lights of LED lights and the driver's seat is height-adjustable. Furthermore, it is a bare-bones affair in the Up. Mirrors should, for example, with an old-fashioned stems are set and for entertainment, you must sing songs for a radio to make room for a piece of plastic. The climate rule, by the windows open or close. It is not all that crazy for this segment. So a entry-level Picanto or a radio, but no power windows. In the Aygo, it is even more difficult, because there is missing radio and power windows while which is almost the same cost as this Up.

In the price list of the Up is the Move Up as the next step. Five doors, radio with bluetooth, rain sensor and front bumpers door handles and mirror covers are available as standard for € 13.190. Cruise control and air conditioning large one, for that you need to have a step higher to the High Up (€ 15.185). On the Take Up air-conditioning is also separately available: € 612. For the radio as a separate option asks Volkswagen to € 375. At the Move Up is cruise control available only in combination with the 'Comfort Package' for an additional charge of € 748.