Audi: The big preview

Ingolstadt, 15. March 2018

In the case of the legendary product launches of Apple's Steve Jobs announced with the word "the next big thing", the "next big thing", mostly real Surprises. For the year 2018 and the future Audi out skin and many "next big things" almost in machine-gun intervals. Alone in 2018 the course of an average every three weeks a new product, announced chief sales officer, Alexander Seitz on the Audi annual press conference. We will show you the exact roadmap.

More than 20 new products in 2018

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler promises to be a total of more than 20 launches in 2018, new products in six series and Revisions of two other core series (probably A4 and TT). It started with the reissues of the A7 Sportback and A6 sedan, in the latter, the Avant-mentioned combination. The A8 will be supplemented soon by versions with Plug-in Hybrid and a twelve-cylinder. Also, the upper class (the A8 is set for Audi in the luxury class), so the A6, will be available as a Plug-in Hybrid. In 2018 the second Generation of the A1 made its debut. It uses the modular Transverse matrix-the Seat Ibiza and VW Polo, the production of the A1 will be relocated from Brussels to the Spanish Martorell to Seat.

Five electric cars are coming

In the Belgian capital, the production of the first mass-produced electric cars from Audi will start later this year. 80,000 euros of the e costs-tron, a SUV between the Q5 and Q7 with a range of 500 kilometers. According to Audi boss Rupert Stadler will be present from Norway is already a 3,700 reservations for the e-tron. Under the first five electric cars of the brand are two SUVs (one of which is the e-tron), and two "Sports Activity Vehicles". Thus, so far as the study shown, the Audi e-tron Sportback is considered to be.

SUVs total

Since we were just talking about Q: Audi is part of the SUV Segment, according to a statement from the Board of management Peter Mertens "strongly encouraging". By 2025, every second to be Audi supplied a Q-model. Therefore, it will bring in 2018 and 2019, eleven new derivatives, respectively, completely new Qs. In June 2018, Audi will present in Shanghai the Q8 (the number Eight love the Chinese). Will come also a new Q3, a SQ2 and Q2, and Q5 as the long versions for China. Speaking of China, Where Audi plans to bring to 2022 ten-electrified models on the market. On the future of the fuel cell, i.e. hydrogen, there is the statement, to start in the year 2020, a small-scale.

What about the A3?

Interestingly, the statements of Mertens about the Audi A3. We have found that the A3-customers order, around a third of the available engine-transmission combinations, only very rarely. Therefore, we will streamline the next A3 model of the exchange offer. What that means exactly, only time will tell. But the three-door A3 had painted Audi a long time ago. The five-door Sportback and saloon (popular in the USA and China) are likely to survive, the Cabriolet could reduce the thumbs down. Mertens speaks at least of a "further model-line alongside the A3, in particular, appeals to young customers". Returns the Name of A2? This remains speculative, but apparently Audi is watching very carefully the expansion of the A-class family of Mercedes.(rh)