Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Per

Gaydon (UK), 16. November 2017

Designed by the most successful formula 1 Designer, developed by Aston Martin, Red Bull and AF Racing the Aston Martin Valkyrie is already ahead of its final Premiere, a vehicle of superlatives. However, Adrian Newey would not be a formula 1 icon, if he still had something up his sleeve: the curtain rises on the Valkyrie AMR Pro.

Everything on aerodynamics

Strictly speaking, we should say "the" Valkyrie, after all it is the English word for "Valkyrie". In Parallel to the radical road car, the AMR-Pro version now. A Feast for all the parties Involved, it is not necessary to take here on the provisions for street-legal consideration. And so it has trimmed the surfaces even more on aerodynamics and downforce, garnished with massive wings.

Radically refurbished

From the naturally aspirated V12 with 6.5 Liter displacement, more power is brought in, especially in motorsports, the exhaust regulations only play a minor role. The wheels get smaller in diameter (18 inches) to allow Michelin to fit tyres on it. In the case of the brake system, carbon fiber is used, as well as the General diet of the Mega-Aston. Weight was saved in the air conditioning, Infotainment and the discs. The heated windshield and the side Windows are made of polycarbonate. Instead of adjustable Seats, there are pressed-in Rennmöbel. Also the exhaust system is easier, because of noise, no consideration must be taken.

Times to formula 1 level

Aston Martin has a top speed of 400 km/h in the view, enormous forces: The pressure curves is 3.3 g, the deceleration during braking is more than 3.5 g to be the car race times on the level of formula 1 or Le Mans. This is also why every owner of a Valkyrie AMR Pro is funneled through the facilities of the Red-Bull-formula-1-Teams to be for special events on the race track prepared. You want to be a part of it? Tough luck. Although the Valkyrie AMR is supplied Per in 2020, are sold all 25 copies already.(rh)