Aspark Owl now to order

The Japanese Aspark at the Paris motor Show to let us know that his Owl from now on can be ordered.

In september 2017, and suggested the Japanese Aspark his Owl to the world, a Le Mans-racer-looking electric supercar that just on the public roads. The Owl should be less than a 2 count to a speed of 100 km/h can sprint and have a top speed of 280 km/h can reach. These figures are made possible by a 1.150-hp and 885 Nm strong electric motor and due to the low car weight of around 1,500 pounds. Anyone who's interested, have a well-stocked piggy bank may apply.

Aspark is 50 copies build cars one piece at a price tag of 3.6 million dollars, converted approximately 3.1 million euro. The first copies will be mid next year delivered. During the Paris motor Show has Aspark the order books opened. Who is an Owl, a non-refundable deposit of - swallow - one million euros.