Armoured Living

Schwalbach, September 7th, 2015

Hardly distinguishable from a normal Range Rover, but still safe enough for the Federal Chancellery: This is the new Range Rover Sentinel based on the Autobiography. With a lot of security features and exciting accessories provides the " Special Vehicle Operations " Department of Land Rover at their first armored vehicle.


He puts a fire with an assault rifle from ten meters away easy and looks good too. We're not talking about Daniel Craig as James Bond, but the new Range Rover Sentinel, with "armor-piercing high-speed incendiary ammunition caliber 7.62" can ward off even 15 kilos of TNT or more hand grenades next to the Assault Rifle fire. The Sentinel is classified in resistance class VR8, which would qualify him as well as Chancellor car or popemobile. The degree of protection is achieved inter alia through multilayer bulletproof glass, a tamper resistant exhaust system and damned thick doors. In addition, the Sentinel a self-sealing fuel tank and an emergency power supply with second battery has standard. A separate charging system with split trunk lid and emergency exit behind the rear seats helps in case barred doors. Rather less for the ride through the next McDrive, but more for the secure exchange of documents, the 100 millimeter wide slot is suitable in the driver-side window. Safety Run-flat tires provide even then for a good progress when they lose air.

Long list of accessories

Optionally, you can top up the feature list even further: A fire extinguishing system for underbody and engine compartment is just as available as a siren system, emergency lights or an intercom system to the outside. The driver also get along with the heavy Sentinel, provides Land Rover on an exercise program to be practiced deliberately at the Gefahrensitutationen. The assistance systems takes over the armored car from the Autobiography basis. Totwinkelwarner, proximity sensor, Surround Camera System and Camera intersection should also be helpful in the Sentinel in order to act calmly in confusing situations.

Hard shell ?? soft core

Inside the Sentinel offers the usual luxury atmosphere of the Range-Rover - top models. Lots of customization options should not leave much to be desired. Is distributed to the Sentinel in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East. Priced it starts at around 400,000 euros . ( mf )