Alpine A110: price reduced

Cologne, 8. June 2018

Usually, car to know prices only in one direction: upwards. But there are exceptions. So the price dropped in the case of the Alpine A110 in the last few months. The launch began with the limited-edition "Première Edition" for € 58,000. At the Geneva Salon in 2018 54.700 Euro for the more sporty variant, "Pure", 58.500 Euro for the comfort-oriented "Légende were then called the prices for the normal versions:".

500 Euro less

Now these prices are reduced by 500 Euro. Well, that's not even a percent. Not worth talking about, and it looks like Alpine and waived to indicate the price reduction as such. In any case, the A110 Pure now costs 54.200 Euro, the A110 Légende you get from 58.000 Euro.

Automatic climate control and Navi are series

The A110 Pure impresses by its low weight. According to EU-standard measured (including 75 kg for driver, Luggage and Fuel), the car in the 1,200 - pound mark. Nevertheless, a climate control, a navigation system and Smartphone Integration with mySpin to the standard equipment count for "Pure". A driving mode and LED headlamps complement the equipment. In the case of "Légende" add leather seats as well as Parking beepers front and rear, and a rearview camera. Outer plate 18-inch two-tone wheels. An audio system from Focal to complete the standard equipment.

New Colors

With the A110 Pure and Légende Alpine introduces three new paint colors: a White, a Blue and a grey. Available the of the "Première Edition" well-known color shades in Blue and Black. Alpine grants for "Pure" and "Légende" is a new car warranty of three years or 100,000 kilometers.

Sprint faster than the Cayman

All the A110 will have a 1.8-Liter gasoline turbo engine with 252 HP and 320 Newton meters of torque under the hood. A seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox transmits power to the rear wheels. The 4,18 meters accelerates long and only 1.25 meters high coupe in 4.5 seconds to 100 kph. The price of the car is based, apparently, on the Porsche 718 Cayman, there is 52.694 Euro. This is a 300 horsepower stronger, with around 1.4 tonnes heavier, and so in the end spurt is weaker (5.1 seconds) as the Alpine A110.(sl)