Almost half of EV drivers will later buy a car with a combustion engine

Although Tesla customers continue to drive electric en masse

It appears to be difficult for the sons of Dutch folk singers and car manufacturers to cultivate loyalty. Car brands apparently cannot manage to connect all buyers of electric cars to electric motors. A study by S&P Global Mobility shows that almost half of EV drivers will later buy a car with a combustion engine.

By the way, you shouldn't count Tesla owners here, because the brand leaves such a big mark on the industry. If you include Tesla, only a quarter of EV drivers will buy a car with a combustion engine next time. Without Tesla, 52.1 percent will stick with an electric car and 47.9 percent will switch.

Electric Mustang drivers are returning to a gasoline car

The research agency dug deeper into the matter and found out per model what owners do more often: another EV or a petrol car? This shows that 45.8 percent of Mustang Mach-E owners will switch to a petrol car, while 37.3 percent will stay with an EV. Most of those switching opt for a Ford pickup or SUV. So they don't go for a smaller size for a petrol car.

After Tesla drivers (76.7 percent continue to drive electric), Nissan has the most loyal EV customers. 63 percent of electric Nissan owners continue to drive electric, followed by 60.6 percent of Chevrolet drivers. However, this does not mean that these motorists will exchange an EV for a petrol car. It's just about what kind of car they buy next. So it can also be an addition to the collection.

In the premium corner, EV drivers prefer to stick with e-motors rather than go back to a car with a combustion engine. Of Mercedes EQ customers, 56.6 percent continue to drive electric, 56 percent for Jaguar and 50.1 percent for Audi. At Porsche and BMW the percentage is less than half, 36.8 percent and 45.9 percent loyalty to electric driving respectively.