All sure? Sure! Or?

Brussels (Belgium), November 30, 2016

How safe is your next car? The testing organization has undergone Euro NCAP again six new models in various crash tests. Competed for the premeditated cold deformation tests: the Audi Q2, the Hyundia Ioniq, the Ford Edge, the Suzuki Ignis and two related SsangYong models called Tivoli and XLV.

Only SsangYong with slight deductions

If the results are positive in the latest Crashdurchgang and so most models finish the test series with a five star rating. Only the two vehicles by SsangYong must settle for a star of less in the final analysis.

Double score system with some other results

For the overall rating, Euro NCAP now but examines not only the protection of adults and children in the vehicle, but also the availability and reliability of assistance systems and pedestrian protection. Because the Audi Q2, the Hyundai Ioniq and the Ford Edge standard have all the safety features on board, no second test was necessary. The situation is different with the Ignis, the Tivoli and the XLV. Without the optional security packages, the three models only achieved three out of five stars. (ml)