All-season tyre in the ADAC Test

Munich, 24. April 2018

Four times "satisfactory" and five times at least "sufficient": this is The result of a new year-round testing by the automobile club ADAC tyre. Nine tires for small cars had to prove themselves on dry and wet Asphalt, as well as on ice and snow. The most balanced over all the Test categories of the Nexen N blue presented 4 Season, the Michelin cross climate that failed on snow.

Year-round cut from the tire better than before

After 2014 and 2016, tyres the all-season in the ADAC Tests were evaluated in many cases with "sufficient" or "deficient", the result will be better this time: a number of models, including a Continental, Goodyear and Nokian, to cope with the balancing act of short braking distances on both ice and snow than on dry, warm pavement. The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 on a wet road from 80 km/h to 37,6 metres and tyres is equivalent to a parallel-tested summer and only 1.4 meters later as a winter tire. Also on snow, the braking distance can measure a whole-year tyre with the winter tyre: The Nokian Weatherproof is 29.4 meters just behind the specialists 29.1 meters (from 50 km/h).

For skiing holidays is better pure snow tires

However, although the all-season tires in this year's small dimension car overall, a better cut, should behave before buying the individual driving and the region are taken into account. Year-round just for drivers recommended, the plan no ski holiday or summer holiday in the South are Mature. The respective specialists – purebred summer and winter tires are always the better choice in the event of extreme weather conditions. Good all weather suitable tyres for city driving in temperate climate regions.(sl)