All Mercedes models are electrified

Stuttgart, June 13, 2016

All series of smart and Mercedes to be electrified in the future. The Daimler Group announces that now. Smart's be coming soon electric versions of the fortwo and forfour so 'all series', as Daimler full-bodied says something. Mercedes continues its plug in offensive, introduces inductive load and announces with the GLC F-cell to a technical world novelty: a fuel cell car with plug-in technology. Generally, Daimler employs not a single drive form, but on different technologies: from the improved gasoline to hydrogen-powered.

New generation of petrol engines from 2017

Increasing efficiency in internal combustion engines still plays an important role. New Otto engine family followed by the new generation of diesel started (in the E-class) 2017. The first is a six-cylinder with integrated starter-generator. A four-cylinder with belt-driven starter-alternator comes later in the same year. What now is standard for diesel engines, will be Mercedes soon for gasoline: the particle filter. 2017, the model well maintained S-class should follow other models to be equipped. At the same time begins the 48-volt wiring that feed to keep gradually in different series. Recuperation and boosting as well as electric starting and maneuvering are also possible. So, fuel savings like with high voltage hybrid technology should be possible at significantly less technical effort.

Plug-in offer is being expanded

Also the plug-in hybrid-offensive will continue. Mercedes believes that the technology especially for larger vehicles and mixed tracks profiles makes sense. Therefore putting only by the c-class up to this concept. After S 500 e, C 350 e, GLE 500 e 4Matic and GLC 350 e 4Matic roll even 2016 the GLC Coupé 350 e 4Matic and the E 350 e to the dealers. From 2017 the optimized S can run purely on electricity 50 km 500 e by an advanced lithium-ion battery and an optimised operating strategy. In the same car the Inductive charging will be able for the first time.

Smart electric and fuel cell plug-in

It is also progressing with the pure electric drive. After the performance at the Paris Salon in autumn 2016 is the new generation of the smart fortwo and forfour with electric motor beginning 2017 in Europe on the market. 2017 also follows a real novelty: the GLC F-cell with fuel cell and plug-in technology. To do this, the Mercedes engineers have developed a new fuel cell system together with external partners that first fits into conventional engine rooms. In addition, the F-cell GLC has a large lithium-ion battery with approximately 9 kWh capacity, which can be recharged via mains socket. With battery and gas tank, the GLC F-cell reaches a range of about 500 km. (sl)