Alfa 4C Spider: On ?? go!

Detroit, January 13, 2015

At the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 2014, the Alfa 4C Spider stood still as a concept car in the spotlight. Now the manufacturer is serious and presented at the NAIAS in Detroit ( 12 to 25 January 2015), the production version. In the summer of 2015, the crisp Bolide to come to the dealers.

137 hp per liter

Since the end of 2013, the 4C in a closed version on the market. Fired the two hot-blooded Italians from a 1.75 - liter four-cylinder mounted in mid engine design. Of the number of cylinders and derives its name the compact Renner: 4C stands for " quattro cilindri ", in German " four cylinder ". Thanks turbocharged, gasoline direct injection and twin intercoolers, the machine creates achieve 240 hp. They are proud 137 bhp per liter ?? which is the same as the Porsche 911 Turbo with 520 hp. The power is transmitted from a dual clutch transmission, which switches on the steering wheel via paddles. Using the Alfa DNA system setup throttle response, the ESP, the electronic limited slip differential Q2 and the switching points in four stages can be brought into focus. The steering of the Spider waived way for reasons of weight on a hydraulic power assistance and works completely mechanical.

4.5 seconds to 100

The 4C Spider was his brother trimmed as focus on light. The cockpit consists of carbon fiber, the body was made ​​of the fiber-plastic composite material SMC ( Sheet Molding Compound). Ten percent thinner glass and bucket seats made ​​of carbon and glass fiber reinforced plastic are also among the diet - measures. The car is expected to weigh less than one thousand kilos, the exact value has not yet been announced. The closed version brings with driver 995 kilos. The low weight and the concentrated power help the competition to show the double-flow exhaust: The Spider grabs the hundred mark after 4.5 seconds, and manages 258 km / h top.

Fabric roof or hardtop

Driver and passenger are covered by a fabric roof that can be stowed away when not in use in a compartment behind the engine. If desired, a carbon hardtop is available for purchase. Behind the passengers there is a clad roll bar. The windshield is supported by a frame made ​​of carbon fiber that reinforces the entire vehicle in this area and also the front attachment points for soft top or hard top included.

Three exhaust systems to choose from

For basic equipment of the car next to a leather for the interior include carbon applications and a seven-inch TFT screen for the most important information. The Spider gets on the front wheels in size 7x17 inches behind it are 8x18 inches tall. Optional forged wheels in a 18/19-inch combination can be had. When the exhaust systems you can also choose: in addition to the series exhaust tailpipes a sports complex with concentric or a system of Akrapovič are orderable. The prices of the Spider 4C, the manufacturer has not yet ruled. The closed 4C costs 50,500 euros in Germany . (HD)