Advisor: Changes 2017 rescue Alley is mandatory

Rescue Alley is mandatory

Also 2017 - as every new year - brings some changes, of course also for German car drivers. New rules, new penalties for violations against them and higher costs for motorists was "mobile in Germany". The article shows a rasch: the driver will again become more expensive.

Already for the licence you must Access future deeper in the Pocket. Obtaining a licence is significantly more expensive from next year by a decree of the Federal Ministry. Specifically the audit costs of the theoretical and practical exams are increased. The theoretical exam costs 11.90 euros instead of how far eleven euro in the future. 10.60 Euro are due for the now usual test on the computer. The practical car test will cost €91,50. The practical motorcycle test increased to 121,38 euros.

An ordinary increase is planned also in the prices for the main examination every two years is due. Here, the fees so far 35 Euro should rise to 54,86 euro. The reason is that the emission measurement in AU subject vehicles are to be made again to the tailpipe. The measurements for on board diagnostics should be not reliable enough.

It is known that the distraction of the mobile phone at the wheel increasingly means a danger for traffic safety. The Federal Minister of transport and the countries see more action is needed. Therefore, the phone without a hands-free kit at the wheel from 2017 now 100 euros instead of so far 60 euro will be punished. In addition, the regulations of the highway code now also on the use of tablets, E-book reader and video glasses should be extended.

Gasoline prices will continue to rise in the coming year. The big oil States on a reduction of the flow rate have agreed after a year of convenient for motorists. This shortage will probably again noticeably lift oil prices. You will notice the first signs already at the turn of the year. The time where to get diesel to the part under a euro a liter is probably over. However the fuel price is only indirectly related to the price of crude oil. The influence of the stock market in Rotterdam is greater, as we had to experience than the Americans in the face of a great lack of refinery capacity blank bought the European fuel market and drove so the prices for gasoline and diesel here in the height.

Also changed traffic lights rules for cyclists is new as of 2017. Whereas so far the pedestrian traffic lights had been for the cyclists from 2017 have "to observe the light signal for driving traffic" (paragraph 37 para 2 sentence 6 road traffic regulations). This means that cyclists must pay attention in the future to the traffic lights for cars and not on the light signals for pedestrians. The own light characters on own cycle of course apply to bicycle traffic.

From 2017, there will be a new sign on some cycle paths: \\"E-Bikes erlaubt\\". " Not known as Pedelecs, so electric bikes with a bottom support up to 25 km/h are meant. Bicycles are equal and allowed on each cycle. However, the so-called S-Pedelecs, so electric bikes with a pedal-assist up to 45 km/h are still prohibited on all paths. You are allowed only on the road. Electric Scooter or electric mopeds with a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which are rare in Germany, may use bike paths. The shield \\"E-Bikes\\"corresponds to the label \\"Mofa frei\\".

Regularly occurred in the past problems in the formation of emergency lanes, there's this from 2017 now a fixed rule. In a traffic jam or step speed on the highway, an emergency lane must be formed from immediately between the extreme left and right of the adjacent track. Roads with three or four tracks must now also left the emergency lane and not as be shown so far in the middle. This provision is very important and must be followed urgently.

Despite the demand for a general speed limit of 30 km/h in town, remains the control of 50 km/h. Hence the pace of 30 must be indicated in the future and not tempo 50 vice versa. For tempo 30 zones may be set up now more straightforward by the municipalities on specific subjects such as about schools, old people's homes and kindergartens.

Also during the trip abroad, it is important to note changes. The fines for violations in road transport generally grow in the Netherlands and in Italy from January 2017. Who arrives in Italy without a hands-free kit at the wheel from the coming year, which threatens not just a punishment of up to 650 euros, but also the withdrawal of driver's license for up to two months. For German car drivers, that is tantamount to a driving ban in Italy. Also, the phone can be indented.

In Paris, a fine, who in 1997 is with a car before the year within the Beltway of the city threatens the from 2017. (ampnet/SM)