ADAC-children seat test 2017: 37 models in the check

Munich, 22 may 2017

Freshly baked parents familiar with the problem: A child seat, but which take? The selection is abundant and cluttered. Light in the darkness, now bringing the Automobile Club ADAC together with Stiftung Warentest. In their current child seat test 2017 37 products examined were taken.

Four times 'poor'

The reassuring message in advance: 22 models received the grade "good", nine more a "satisfactory". Here, the legal regulations to the part were clearly exceeded. Four seats fell through, however, as "poor". Which were so "Joolz cover go modular" and devalued the identical model with ISOFIX fastening due to the pollutant content. Both are burdened with the TCPP flame retardant, which is considered to be carcinogenic. Two other models showed weaknesses in the frontal crash test and therefore fell through. At the "LCP kids Saturn iFix", the lap belt on impact cut deeply into the abdomen, which can lead to severe internal injuries. At the "casualplay would like multi Polaris fix" turned the nine-kilo-dummy in the impact of the leadership of the seat. This significantly increases the risk of injury in the event of an emergency.

A seat for many years? Not a good idea!

Awarded two seats the tester a 'sufficient'. One of the "Graco milestone", can from birth and have used at the end of the kids safety obligations. So tempting this may sound for parents, so the result is disappointing: in particular in terms of safety, the Graco shows weakness. In the frontal, the risk of injury is increased, the seat is not stable in the car to fasten and during installation are incorrect operation cannot be ruled out. Also, the seat for infants not as a traditional Carrycot can be worn with the child to the vehicle; He works as a tightly integrated child seat.

Do not use short goods in direction of travel

Also seats which can use of the infant into the higher age of child are becoming increasingly popular. Two such ALLROUNDER received from the reviewers in a "good", two more a "satisfactory". In these models, the child can be transported but headquartered not outside the car. Also the simple alignment enticing parents often too early in the direction to turn the seat, which increases the risk of injury to the child in an accident. According to the ADAC, children should ideally be transported up to two years facing against the direction of travel. (rh)