A tenth of a second less for the sprint

Gaydon ( UK ), July 15, 2015

Aston Martin has announced the prices for the new DB9 GT known as coupe and convertible. The new engine replaces DB9 Coupe and DB9 Volante. The two additional letters on behalf deserve the car with 30 hp more power: the 6.0-liter V12 was brought from 517 to 547 hp. The maximum power is at 5,750 tours available, previously you had to 6500 U / min rev. The torque remains unchanged: 620 Newton meters at 5,500 rpm.

Still thirsty

The 5.9 - liter gasoline engine with 48 valves is installed as a front mid-engine and combined with the known, electronically operated six-speed automatic called Touchtronic II. The fuel consumption is quite hefty 14.3 liters per 100 kilometers, equal to 21.6 liters in urban areas flow. The tempo 100 - Sprint now done the sports car faster than the old version in 4.5 seconds, one-tenth. The tip remains unchanged at 295 km / h ?? That should be enough in most cases. The competition, however, is faster: the 560 hp Porsche 911 Turbo S needs only 3.1 seconds for the standard sprint, the standard consumption is limited here to 9.7 liters. This shows: A V12 is not necessarily always better than a twin-turbo V6.

Improved infotainment system

Chassis of the DB9 GT include adaptive dampers which can be adjusted in three stages. Inside, there is now a new generation of infotainment systems: Compared with AMI 2012 launched Vanquish ?? the top model of the brand ?? has AMi II an improved menu structure, supports SMS messages and displays more information about the vehicle status, such as the just-fetched performance. Externally, the new version prevails discreet GT badges from, and there is a black splitter and diffuser, slightly different front and rear lights, new 20-inch wheels and black brake calipers.

9,000 Euro more

Whoever wants to can order Carbon inserts for the rear lights, for front splitter and diffuser. Also diamond turned wheels and other caliper colors offered. The leather seats now have a GT lettering. With the equipment package iridium and a Alcantara steering wheel ( only for Coupé ) you can make the car even more individual, as well as with various finishing options for the center console, two-tone leather seats and a special steering wheel in the style of one-77th Prices for the DB9 rise of almost 178,000 for the old coupe on exactly 187,000 euros for the new. The open Volante is still 5,000 euros more expensive than the coupe.

Vantage and Rapide improved S

The two-door entry-level model and the four-door Vantage and four-seater Rapide S also receive a boost in color, interior design and furnishings. Again, the new infotainment system AMi II feeds. In the interior, new equipment packages, different leather colors and special wheels allow a greater individualisation. The cheapest model in the range, the 426 hp V8 Vantage Coupe costs, future 112 195 euros, for the Rapide S 196,000 euros required. The launch of the new models will begin in the summer 2015th ( sl )