A pinch of DTM

Ingolstadt, October 14, 2015

Audi A5 Coupé brings his in a new, limited DTM variant on the road. Who has huge wings, uncompromising lightweight construction or roaring V8 lunacy expected, but, well, something brought back to earth. Externally the A5 DTM selection differs by a slightly kernigere front spoiler, 20-inch wheels and some " dynamically designed DTM, Audi Sport quattro and logos " of his less DTM strength - series siblings. Inside there are specific door sills, aluminum pedals, the bucket seats from the RS 5, and many red stitching on pews and Alcantara steering wheel. In addition, the courtesy lighting a DTM logo raises with the door open very mischievous on the asphalt.

DTM with Diesel

Whether the only available color " Misano " the A5 DTM selection makes much more quickly, we do not know. In any case, it contrasts successfully with various glossy black fittings and also in the interior it comes to the center console, side panels and the backrests of the seats used. Quite the opposite of DTM happens under the hood of the A5 - special model. For most people, the 3.0-liter TDI with its 245 hp and 580 Newton meters, however, is likely to be a more sensible choice than a wild jogging and screaming naturally aspirated V8, as it comes in the race car to use. Extremely fast is namely he. With a zero - to - 100 - km / h time of 5.9 seconds 250 km / h top speed and a pretty rutting torque curve, the daily highway battles should mostly end up on the front seats. According to Audi be running on average 6.3 liters of diesel fuel through the lines.

Only 50 pieces

The A5 DTM selection is for an A4 saloon from 2005 and an A5 Coupé from 2013 for the third DTM special model from Ingolstadt. The Special Edition with a touch Touring Car Flair is limited to 50 copies and now for the price of 74 540 Euro. Some love for Audis touring car involvement should the customer so already bring: The base price of the A5 Coupé with 245 hp diesel is 51,550 Euro . ( sw )