A duck breaks records

Fontainebleau (France), 23. January 2018

The older ones will have experienced: Rotten Citroën 2CV, the switch for a crate of beer for the owner. The duck made a Europe-wide youth mobile, but the rust decimated the millions of stock very quickly and very thoroughly. By now, the Cult is a recognized classic with prices for good vehicles, at least in the upper four-digit range. Even that, however, are only "Peanuts" compared to the ludicrous sums of money to achieve the rare 2CV sometimes.

Sahara-duck: The blue Mauritius

In 2016, for example, the auction house Artcurial auction of a Citroën 2CV Sahara for incredible 172.800 euros. Well, ducks are connoisseurs argue now, there were only 693 of those double-motor car and 100,000 euros are likely to be the rule. But the monetary madness breaks now train in the world of normal ducks. So have just been auctioned in the French Fontainebleau several 2CV from the Osenat auction house.

One of only 876

For many weld beads in the case of the tenderers, a Citroën 2CV type A made of 1949: its estimate at 12,000 to 15,000 euros, and dropped the Hammer after a bidding battle at 75.600 Euro in favour of a Dutch Museum. For The Record: Seventy-Five Thousand Six Hundred. And, although the General condition is rather mediocre. A look at the ducks history makes this sum is a little more understandable: Although the 2CV was first presented in 1948, but in 1949 began the production. But due to shortage of Steel only 876 vehicles were waiting to be built, up to five years had to 2CV-customers at the time on your car. The auctioned copy bears the chassis no. 000458, is one of the first 500 ever built ducks.

Also old, but cheaper

In order to reduce the blood pressure of all the duck lovers: Osenat auction also three other 2CV at quite fair prices. A car of 1966 achieved 6.600 Euro, a 2CV type A delivery from 1951 in good condition was 17.400 EUR the estimate only slightly. For 20.400 Euro a 1950s model finally found a new owner. The special feature of this vehicle is to brake by the engineer Jean spring game built-in servo.(rh)