A compact SUV with plug -in hybrid?

Rüsselsheim / Geneva ( Switzerland ), 26 February 2015

Exhibition time studies: The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has at this year's Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) is a compact SUV concept plug-in hybrid system in the luggage. After introduced in January 2014 Outlander with plug-in technique of Concept PHEV XR-II is intended to provide a view of another Mitsubishi SUV with electric auxiliary tank.

Compact vehicle with a historical reference

The silhouette of the compact concept vehicle becomes firm, but also thick and muscular. The study is 4.49 meters long, 1.89 meters wide and 1.62 meters high. The front view is inspired by the Pajero Mitsubishi loud, creating a historical SUVs reference. The vehicle rear section includes a horizontal current fold which divides the rear window. She remembers the first glance at the current design of the Honda Civic.

Vague interior concept

The interior concept is so far executed rather vague. Can already recognize a display, which is applied over the entire width of the dashboard. Furthermore, Mitsubishi speaks of a cockpit where is " the focus on maximum functionality ."

Specific technical data

More focused the Japanese are already in the intrinsic values ​​of the XR-PHEV II. The manufacturer couples a petrol engine with variable valve timing with a new electric motor-generator unit. The hybrid system is intended to achieve a power output of 163 hp that drives the front wheels. Is this concept SUV electric power alone, it uses the power of 12-kWh lithium - ion battery that was attached to lower the center of gravity under the vehicle floor.

Outlook and future prospects

Whether II at some point a production model arises from the XR-Concept PHEV remains to be seen. Surprising it would not, because the segment of compact SUVs and small crossover is still booming and the German top dog Opel Mokka gets gradually more and more company. So why not also from a Mitsubishi crossover with plug-in hybrid ? (ml)