12 rim cleaner in a comparison test

Stuttgart, 2. November 2017

The days are getting shorter, the Winter is in front of the door. For many drivers, the tires are not quite a year on the road, it is now: how to change a tire. Before the summer wheels but can be up to the spring in the Garage put on the shelves, they should be with the wheel cleaner has to be cleaned, because on the season has accumulated on the rims is a mixture of road dirt, grease and brakes-, rubber - and metal abrasion. But which medium is best? The GTÜ tested twelve commercially available products of between eight and 20 Euro. We have the results.

How has the system been tested?

The basis were the rims with typical pollution-loaded. These were sprayed with the respective cleaning medium. After the prescribed reaction time, only a rinse with the high pressure lamps – sponges and brushes followed then were taboo. The then remaining dirt radicals gave information on the cleaning performance. In addition, the GTÜ took the practical suitability of the individual products under the magnifying glass. For example, it was checked how the product adhering to the surface or whether the ingredients could attack the paint or the plastic parts of the car?

The winners and the losers

The test victory P21S Power Gel von Dr. Wack guarantees, closely followed by the cleaner Sonax XTREME on the second and the Alu-devil Tuga chemistry on the third rank. All three products received the rating "very recommended". With a barely poorer cleaning performance, Liqui Moly special ranks directly after, followed by super white ST1 on the fifth place, and Armor All Shield with a good cleaning performance on the sixth rank. The seventh Position was occupied by Nigrin Performance Evo Tec, the eighth place goes to Aral professional care, closely followed by Kärcher Car & Bike 3 in 1 in the ninth position. This cleaner to reach consistently the grade of "recommended". By sacrificing the practicality of the cleaner Trinova Wheel Cleaning Gel could only reach the tenth and meguiar's Hot Rims only the eleventh place. The conclusion of the light in the Test the product is RS 1000 not convinced particularly with its cleaning performance. The detailed results can be found in our photo gallery.(ml)