1.5-litre Diesel now in Opel Grand country X

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 30. April 2018

Opel's Equivalent of the Peugeot 3008, the Grand country X, receives the new PSA Diesel with 1.5 Liter displacement. Thanks to the combination of NOx-storage catalytic Converter and SCR catalytic Converter, the Grand country X thus already meets the exhaust emission norm Euro 6d Temp.

Unlike in the case of Peugeot, a 100-horsepower variant

While the 1.5-Liter will be offered a diesel version of the 3008, only with 130 HP, you can choose at the Grand country X, also a 100-horsepower variant. The torques are at 250 and 300 Newton meters, the fuel consumption is specified for both versions, with 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers. The old 1.6-Liter engine with 120 HP, the torque was 300 Newton meters, the standard consumption was 4.3 liters, slightly higher. The new 130-HP Version is instead of, with six-speed manual with eight-speed automatic can be ordered. The standard fuel consumption is 4.1 litres is the same as in the case of the circuit variant. The old 1.6-Liter consumed, however, with the optional six-speed automatic transmission, a 4.6 Liter.

Now, three Diesel and one petrol engine

The new diesel versions are based on the price of the diesel variant: The 100-horsepower modification is available from 26,000 euros, with 130 HP, the entry-level costs 27.720 EUR. In addition to the two new diesel versions of a 2.0-Liter for the Grand country X-diesel with 177 HP and a 1.2-Liter turbo gasoline engine with 130 HP. In the year 2020, a Plug-in Hybrid drive.

Color Line with a Bicolor look

A further novelty for the Grand country X the special model Color Line. Facilities include a two-tone look with a black roof and black Mirrors and 18-inch alloy wheels and fog lights. Inside there is a Radio with Seven-inch colour display, air conditioning, reversing camera, Parking beepers front and rear, as well as a leather steering wheel. The prices start at € 28,500 (1.2-Liter turbo gasoline engine with 130 PS).(sl)