Morgan Plus 8

The Morgan Plus 8 Roadster is a two-seat, open-top sports car that has been built since 1968 in externally unchanged from the Morgan Motor Company based in Worcestershire by hand. The body of the Morgan +8 differs only slightly from that of the four-seater Morgan 4 /4, also called Four Four. The number eight refers to the number of cylinders: to the first end of production in 2004, the Morgan Plus 8 was driven by a Rover V8 engine, there was a 3.9-liter or 4.8-liter variant. The power from the 940-pound roadster is 190 or 220 hp, which is enough for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h mark in 6.7 and 6.0 seconds. With the Geneva Motor Show 2012 introduced the British blacksmith, after 8 years of absence, the latest generation of the Morgan Plus 8 roadster before : this sports car is now building an aluminum chassis and uses a 4.8 - liter V8 gasoline engine, which is bought by BMW. The resulting 367 hp are a guarantee for brute performance with the morning Plus 8 Roadster: From the state of the open sports car in retro style creates within 4.5 seconds speed 100 The top speed of the Roadster Electronic is limited to 250 km / hr. Alternatively, is now ready a six-speed automatic, Amenities such as ABS, power steering and an automatic climate control has the new Morgan Plus 8 Roadster will no longer be waived. Only about eleven vehicles will be produced per month. So who wants to buy a Morgan Plus 8 roadster cars must expect longer waiting times - morning Plus 8 Roadster cars are available faster. Holder of this roadster can look forward to for its stability.