Mercedes-Benz CLK 270

The Mercedes-Benz CLK 270 is a model of the upper middle class and was made ​​from 2002 to 2005 as a two-door coupe and a cabrio with an electric soft top by Karmann and were in competition to the BMW 3 Series Convertible, VW and Peugeot EOS 407th Motorized is the Mercedes-Benz CLK 270 by a common-rail diesel engine, which has 5 cylinders and a displacement of 2,685 cc. The resulting 170 bhp generate a torque of 400 Nm and speed up the Mercedes-Benz CLK 270 in 9.2 seconds to 100 km / h In the Coupe as well as on the 270 Convertible cars will reach a top speed of 230 km / h at the Mercedes-Benz CLK, which is realized only through a rear wheel drive. In addition to a 7-speed manual transmission, a 6-speed automatic in the Mercedes-Benz CLK 270 was available that can drive this car very comfortable. With average 6.4 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, the Mercedes-Benz CLK 270 presents very sparingly despite its very good performance. Already in Series Coupe and Convertible come with ESP, ABS, ASR and Kopf-/Seitenairbags a high standard of safety in this class.