Protection against odometer manipulation

Munich, 31. July 2017

Even in the newest cars, scammers have an easy game: those Who know the appropriate technique of Europe has, can turn within a few minutes, the mileage of a vehicle to a desired position. From 1. September 2017 is going to change. From then on, new cars must be protected by a new technical solution.

Every third second-hand is manipulated

So far, there are, according to the automobile club ADAC is no car on the market, the mileage could not manipulate. Thus, according to investigations by the police, currently a third of the used cars in Germany, the mileage down dressing – every year, around two million vehicles. This fraud leads to an average of 3,000 Euro higher price when selling a Car. The damage is due to Tacho fraud amounts each year, approximately six billion euros.

Technical solution with certification

Now a long-standing demand of the automotive clubs ADAC reality. In the context of the new and not-yet-explained in the EC type-approval 2017/1151. Thus, consumers should be with a fixed and factory-built technology better protected. This protection could be confirmed according to the ADAC by a neutral Agency, such as by Common Criteria certification of the Federal office for security in information technology in Bonn. Up to this Scam safe cars land on the used car market, it will take a couple of years.(ml)