Mercedes-Benz C 240

The Mercedes-Benz C 240 is a model of the C-Class, the Stuttgart Daimler AG in 1997 as a saloon and estate car (estate - S202 series) was first established, the in-plant the Mercedes-Benz 190 replaced. The vehicle was designed especially for the competition with the VW Passat (sedan) or the BMW 3 Series Touring. The first generation of the Mercedes-Benz C 240 (W202) was powered by a V6 petrol engine, which provides a displacement of 2.4 liters, an output of 170 hp and a Model T remained a popular car is especially. (, 2.4-liter V6 petrol engine 170 hp) still produced until 2005, before the change of model C with the C-Class W203 in the series from 2000 was the Mercedes-Benz C 240 with the same engine 230 took his seat with an increase in power (204 hp). For the first time could be added for new car purchases in the Mercedes-Benz C 240 4MATIC also in sedan and station wagon (S204 series). With the transition to the current C-Class from the 2007 model year (W204) Mercedes-Benz C 240 was not reissued and can be purchased only as a used car.