Lada 2112

The Lada 2112 is a hatchback sedan manufactured in Russia and was released from 1995 through 2008. The Lada 2112 should enrich the lower middle class to the VW Golf, Ford Escort / Focus and the Fiat Bravo offers a very good value calculated vehicle that was designed as a limousine for up to 5 occupants. The low purchase price of the new car was reflected mainly in a thin safety equipment. The Lada 2112 has neither ABS nor airbags and stylized in this form to vehicles that were built in the 80s. For the comfort of passengers electric windows were installed option only, air conditioning was not offered for the Lada 2112. When engine was the choice between an 8 - valve engine with 82 hp and a 91 hp GLi variant with 16 valves, both building on a 1,600 cc petrol engine complete with new cars. The top speed is with the Lada 2112 as a used car at 173 km / h or 183 km / h in Gli.