Kia Picanto #6

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VW Up GTI: The he costs

Wolfsburg, 5. December 2017 115 HP for a ton of weight: With this recipe, the VW Up GTI wants to follow in the footsteps of the first Golf GTI from 1976. It is now known, what is the cost of the power...

Kia Picanto X-Line: Robust Power Dwarf

Frankfurt/Main, 25. September 2017 What is the Trend? This question not only drives the choice of researchers, but also car companies. Kia has identified two tendencies in the smallest vehicle class: The...

EuroNCAP: Nine new cars in the crash test

Brussels (Belgium), 6. September 2017 These results are always eagerly awaited. Both the manufacturers as well as customers are interested in, as well current Auto news in a crash test conducted by the...

Cultured force dwarf

Frankfurt am Main, 16 February 2017 It was already often said, but it is becoming more and more true: Microcars are increasingly powerful and luxurious. The best example is the new Kia Picanto. It shows...

KIA Picanto: First images

Frankfurt am Main, 4 January 2017 Long gone are the days when cars in the 3.50 metre class were rolling disclaimers. Certainly, even today, VW are up and their ilk often enough moms mobile shopping bag...

Fit for the second half of life

Frankfurt, February 3, 2015 Venga, Rio and Picanto now: Kia is currently working on a facelift after another. Minivan and small cars are now refreshed, now the entry level is up. The second generation...