Learn to save by the Swiss

Geneva, 4 March 2016

At the Geneva Auto Show multimillion-dollar cars and PS Protze revolves around. About? Not quite. A small Swiss company from the 3rd to the 13th March shows a future-oriented project that should determine the mobility of tomorrow. And in a very classical and very cool shape.

Swiss innovation

Already by 2015 system and the Zurich University of applied sciences with an electrified BMW experimented around the company micro mobility Isetta. The feedback the inventive spirit was awakened well. And so is the Microlino at the motor show 2016 now. As a modern inspiration of the BMW Isetta and thus a real city cars. The door swings on of course still forward. The approximately 400 kg heavy electric car comes to a range of some 100 kilometres and creates speed 100 km/h, is suitable also for rural areas. Due to its small size, three Microlino fit side by side in a parking lot, the car should change but mainly the streetscape of the inner cities. Finally, 40 percent of emissions in finding parking incurred according to the manufacturer and she should be most quickly with the Microlino to end.

Microlino for the CarSharing

The car should also be equipped with advanced networking technology to be used in car-sharing services. We imagine pretty cool it, so a modern Isetta emissions through Munich to jets. A first limited edition small batch to come in the fourth quarter of 2017 on the market we are looking forward. (mf)