Micro Lino: So the Neo-Isetta

Zurich (Switzerland), 25. January 2018

Premium or not: electric cars need to advertise for themselves. Finally, it is important that you want to buy a Stromer, and should not. So the challenge for producers lies in the fact that the brain and the heart equally. An interesting way for the brand micro Lino followed. Your electric micro-vehicle in the style of the BMW Isetta has already caused quite a stir. Now it shows as good as final Version.

Inspiration of the Isetta

Behind micro Lino of Swiss, Wim Ouboter, with his sons, Oliver and Merlin. 1999 Ouboter founded the company "Micro Mobility system", and sold millions of scooters and Kickboards. After the three men saw an old Iso Isetta (BMW built at the time in the license) they came up with the idea for the micro Lino. In fact, the Isetta concept from the 1950s offers some plus points: The dimensions are for the city, the Retro-look for positive associations, and finally expired the rights to the distinctive Design.

Don't tell me car!

So Ouboter-Trio went to work and started 2015 the micro Lino project. After a first presentation attracted at the beginning of 2016 already many of the interested parties asked Tazzari of Italy into the boat. Tazzari is known for the construction of lightweight electric vehicles, the certification class, L7E, is best known for a L7E-a vehicle, the Renault Twizy. Small manufacturers L7E provides some advantages, including less constraints in terms of crash test standards. A maximum of 550 kg maximum weight allowed for this vehicle, including the battery, the micro Lino brings to 510 kilograms. Its creators speak explicitly not of a car, but by a Mix of car and motorcycle.

King of the city centre

We look at the hard facts to the micro-Lino: 2.43 metres, it is longer than the BMW Isetta, the height is 1.46 meters, the track width of 1.50 meters. As a result, the micro can Park Lino as once the first Smart cross to the road, the two occupants get off the refrigerator-like door at the front, on the sidewalk. All of the micro Lino is planned systematically as a city car, it is of 35 km as the average daily distance. With standard 8-kilowatt-hour battery is the total range of 120 kilometers, optionally, one 14.4-kWh battery for 215 kilometers is possible. Always equal to the power of 15 kilowatts, 20 HP, which should be enough for up to 90 km/h. Load time? An hour in a special column, four hours with a household plug.

Market start until the summer of 2018

At the Geneva auto salon in 2017, we were treated to already have a previous micro-Lino-prototypes. In comparison to this power of the close-to-micro Lino a more coherent impression: The side-mounted headlights were much smaller, also new, is a functionally-elegant Cockpit with no frills. Rose remained in the continuous bench seat and the large folding roof as air-conditioning systems-replacement, and emergency. Through the absence of a rear seat with a trunk of 300 liters of volume, which is loaded by the tailgate. He is said to have four cases of beer, is also integrated a Micro-scooter to the last mile in inner cities. A choice of seven color combinations are available: Solid black or white, respectively, for the nostalgic two-colour mixtures of blue, red, orange, mint, or grey with white. The price for a micro Lino, the creators estimate at around 12,000 euros for the basic version. Up to now, already well 4.600 reservations will be available, with the first deliveries to plant between the spring and the summer of 2018. Sold the micro Lino to be their own "Flagship store", the first of which in Zurich is a resident.(rh)