Video: BMW 8er is in high-speed training camp

Rome, 25. January 2018

What you see here, you know as a diehard car enthusiast probably. It is not a picture of a heavily taped-off BMW 8er. To do this, you will see a very shady Studio recording of a orange sports car, which makes us guess that the production version of the new 8 may not look much different than the 8-seater Concept by may 2017. So what is new about this message? A whole lot of. Because this is an official BMW-prototypes pictures of the new 8-seater as he rigorous high-speed Exercises on the Italian Aprilia's test track near Rome.

Very comfortable very quickly

Among all the tangled adhesive film lines are a fairly close-to-series Version of the long-put-awaited 8-seater coupes, that will come in the course of the year, from 2018 to the market. Under the hood is a Biturbo V8, which is expected to make around 450 to 500 HP. And what is a large, luxurious, and sow-fast sports coupe in addition to a athletic Handling, particularly important? True that it can tear down hundreds of kilometers of Autobahn, as it were, the three minute drive to the local Becker. Especially if you after almost 20 years of abstinence in a Segment of the returns in which such continental missiles frolicking like a Mercedes S-class coupe, an Aston Martin DB11 or a Bentley Continental GT.

Head of development predicts Cheerful Large

Until we are allowed to attack as a test to the control of the new 8er will be sure to pass a couple of months. Meanwhile, BMW makes us the mouth water: "In the extremely demanding test program for the new BMW 8er coupe, Maximum agility and precision in highly dynamic driving situations. Also, he is able to meet the highest standards in the areas of sovereignty, and comfort." Well, what to say otherwise. Precise already, BMW head of development Klaus Fröhlich, who accompanied the Tests in Italy will present: "The test drives to show under the toughest conditions that the vehicle concept for the new BMW 8er coupe to the right place. The already achieved driving dynamics values are absolutely impressive. Our customers and Fans can look forward to a real sports car."

Close to the race car?

Furthermore, BMW lets us know that the "normal" 8 is developed in close coordination with the new M8 and the M8-GTE race car that will go to 2018, including at the 24 hours of Le Mans at the Start. An exceptionally tight connection. We expect 8 and M8 still no six-point harness or a rear wing the size of Bavaria. What we hope for but, sports cars are two exceptionally dynamic driving precious. A half to three-quarters of a year, we will have to wait.(sw)