BMW 8er: First Details

Munich, 26. April 2018

Whether Z8, i8, or the first 8: The number Eight is BMW always for cars of a special kind. Because the group wants to tie up soon with the new 8-series. Now there are more Details to the Coupé, which comes in 2018 on the market.

Concentrated technology in a new 8-seater

Is currently being carried out on testing the final tuning of all chassis and normally rides in Wales systems. The focus is on the provisional Eighth Flagship model is in the form of the BMW M850i xDrive coupe. Meanwhile, barely disguised case it goes technically to the point: a newly developed V8, an intelligent all-wheel drive, an active differential lock in rear axle differential, an adaptive suspension with active roll stabilization and Integral active steering.

Blend of comfort and Sport

Of course, a driving experience control switch on-Board the M850i xDrive. According to BMW the rear wheel to overcome the vote of the all-wheel drive in any driving mode, stressed to be noticeable, the 8 but at the same time, the balancing act between comfort and Sport. In the case of particularly sporty driving manner, the differential provides a lock for maximum traction when accelerating Out of curves. Electronically controlled dampers take care of maximum Radberuhigung for optimal road contact.

With ESP on the race track

Speaking of wheels: "The new BMW 8er coupe will be available exclusively with mixed tyres available. This gave us the tuning of the chassis control systems the possibility to use the potential of the wider rear wheels for the realization of a particularly sporty driving behaviour," says Jos van As, head of application suspension for the BMW. You can reach very high cornering speeds, before the electronics intervene, says van As: "if you like, you can travel to the racetrack with an active DSC."

Extra Strong M850i

For the purpose of faster movement on the racetrack in the M850i has a newly developed V8 under the hood. With 530 HP and from 1,800 trips, and applied to 750 Newton meters of torque, the M850i is approaching the regions from the previous M6. Combined the engine with an optimized eight-speed sport automatic. As more options for the internally as a G15 running 8-seater Coupé with a M8 and a 840i should be set. In the trade, according to BMW in the course of the year 2018. In 2019, the M8, the 8-seater Cabriolet and the 8er Gran coupe.(rh)