BMW Z4 sDrive 18i

Since the spring of 2013, the BMW Z4 sDrive 18i forms the new entry-level model in the Z4 - model series and should not undergo more on his toughest competitor which Mazda MX-5 on this way. Beside the model Care of the Z4 also of the new base gasoline was included in the model series of the debuting 18i new cars in the BMW Z4 sDrive. Under the bonnet of the roadster sits despite of the contradictory designation a 2.0 liters of large gasoline motor of the yielded by an performance of 156 hp by means of turbocharging. Series default, the new gasoline engine of the BMW Z4 sDrive 18i is coupled to a manual six speed gearbox, optional and against additional charge stands also a eight-speed automatic for the BMW Z4 sDrive 18i the ready. Via the manual gear selection themselves leaves a of new or used BMW Z4 sDrive accelerate 18i Roadster in 7.9 seconds to 100 km / h, with automatic the open car needed 8.1 seconds for this discipline. The top speed of the BMW Z4 sDrive 18i new cars can of 221 km / h (or 220 km / h with Automatic) convince likewise full. Gratifying themselves the BMW Z4 sDrive 18i gives at the consumption values ​​: Both transmissions versions should be content in the average with 6.8 liters on 100 kilometers.