BMW 1er GT

The BMW 1 Series GT is a model of the BMW 1 Series and the Bavarian manufacturer is sold as a new car since 2012. The new Gran Turismo for the 5 Series GT and the 3 Series GT, now the third model with the GT symbol on the rear and increased standard equipment for comfortable traveling. Based on the current model of the BMW 1 Series F20 GT cars should look to compete for Audi A3, VW Golf and Ford Focus. The small cluster is to provide a multi-functional vehicle especially for the small family or the account manager and make the transition into the BMW World inexpensive. Under the bonnet of the BMW 1 Series GT cars, the engine range of the 1 Series can be integrated. Newly added is joined by a new three-cylinder gasoline engine, which forms the basis of new petrol engine with 110 hp. The dimensions of the BMW 1 Series GT does not differ from the 1 Series sedan, hatchback, the only evidence of the BMW 1 Series GT by an increased loading capacity.