Austin-Healey BT7

Under the name of the Austin Healey BT7 2 +2 seater version was produced in 3000 the Austin Healey Mark I and II from 1959, the two-seater of 3000 was offered as a BN7. Compared with the previous model, the BT7 Austin Healey 100 has a more powerful engine. The engine capacity was increased from 2.6 to 2.9 liters, so that the unit now delivers 132 hp and a top speed of 180 km / hr. In 1962, the production of the Austin Healey BT7 is set, the following model 3000 MK III was built only as a 2 +2-seater convertible. Discover at this website at the many offerings including rare vintage eras such as the legend Austin Healey BT7.