VW BlueSport

The Mazda MX-5 has led the way, now the Wolfsburg want to make a similar big hit as the iconic roadster from Japan to the legs and bring the VW BlueSport a small sports car to the starting line, which also has the right stuff rise in similar circles. Mt the VW BlueSport receives the VW - Porsche 914 its renaissance, but remember the classic shape and design of a bygone era. In order not to become too great, the weight of the VW BlueSport, the interior of the roadster is very purist. Tight-fitting sport seats, sport steering wheel and the most necessary instruments characterize the interior of the VW BlueSport and positive press on the power to weight ratio. Even the roof of the Roadster electric actuation or waived effective noise insulation, it is supposed to protect only against the weather ! The centerpiece is the working behind the passengers TDI engine that made ​​180 hp 2.0-liter displacement, as in the Volkswagen Scirocco, and in addition provides sporty performance ; sprint to 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds, top speed shine of 226 km / h, especially with an average consumption of 4.3 liters of diesel. To put in the Mazda MX5 foot segment, the price is kept low.