VW Tiguan Cross Coupe

The VW Tiguan Cross Coupe is the latest in the series of the Tiguan Wolfsburg manufacturer. BMW X6 and Audi Q2 make it successfully before, the quite appeals to a wide audience as a coupe and SUV VW Tiguan as cross-coupe new cars will have many takers in the middle class. Based on the modular transverse matrix of the VW Golf a very independent body on the SUV is set, the two passengers offers plenty of space despite the drawn-down rear section in the rear. To drive the VW Tiguan Volkswagen Cross Coupe is clearly on hybrid technology. A 1.6 - liter TSI petrol engine under the hood with 150 hp and a 115 hp electric motor on the rear axle of the VW Tiguan Cross Coupe ensure a system output of 265 hp. This also mechanically separate wheel drive is available in parallel and the lack of space for the propeller shaft is used by lithium-ion batteries. The composite system of petrol engine and electric motor, the VW Tiguan Cross-Coupe accelerates in 7 seconds to 100 km / h It a top speed of over 200 km / h, the average consumption should be per 100 kilometers according to factory specifications with 2.7 liters. Purely electrically to the VW Tiguan Cross-Coupe cars can put almost 45 kilometers.

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Ronald Wh. 2014-02-16

As I understand, VW Cross MCC is still a concept? It's a pity, judging by the stories of the press - it's quite the right machine nowadays.
This car - another variation on the off-road vehicle with four-door coupe sports features. Design Cross Coupe was developed with the participation of chief designer of VW Walter de Silva, head of the Volkswagen brand and style Claus Bishoffa. Its size compact coupe segment falls into between models of the VW Golf and Tiguan: the length of the new items is 4,345 meters, width - 1,868, height - 1,523. A size wheelbase Cross Coupe up slightly to a new "Jetta" - 2.63 meters at 2.65 against the VW Jetta. In this concept car is based on a new modular platform Volkswagen MQB, which will then be used in most models of concern with a transverse engine.