VW Sharan 1.4 TSI

Since autumn 2010, the VW Sharan 1.4 TSI is available in the current model generation and aims to break the dominance of Ford S-MAX and Renault Grand Scenic in the family van segment. Compared to the previous model, the VW Sharan 1.4 TSI whole car was up 22 cm in length, which mainly benefits the up to 7 passengers. For the rear passengers above all the introduction, thanks to the voluminous sliding doors is very simple. Surcharge can be selbige also electrically controlled via the remote control of the VW Sharan 1.4 TSI. The multifunctional interior can be converted with a few adjustments to the level of a pickup truck, the rear seats can all be removed individually. The highlight of the VW Sharan 1.4 TSI is the new 1.4 - liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine. The little engine appears for the big VW Sharan 1.4 TSI small-sized, but do supercharger and turbocharger powerful steam and generate an output of 150 hp at the VW Sharan 1.4 TSI. The performance is correspondingly impressive: in just 10.8 seconds, the family van sprints to 100 km / h, the maximum of the VW Sharan 1.4 TSI is located at 197 km / h According to Volkswagen, the VW Sharan 1.4 TSI should consume 7.1 liters of premium in the combined.