VW Lupo 3L

The Lupo 3L TDI, Volkswagen brought about in 1999 the first standard 3-liter car in the world to market. The ultra-low diesel consumption is due to several factors, such as the lightweight aluminum, the low drag coefficient, the modern concept engine (1.2 liter three-cylinder diesel engine with 61 bhp) and designed for economical driving Start - Stop technology. In this particular automatic transmission of the engine is stopped automatically when the carriage is a long time, such as at a red light. Terms of safety and comfort of the 3 liter Lupo was after the regular model in nothing. In 2005, the production of the VW Lupo 3L one. A successor to the Volkswagen Lupo 3L was not on the market. Buy online at this website a VW Lupo 3L a bargain price.

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