With the VW Golf TGI Wolfsburg-based automaker opened in 2013, the 7th generation of the bestseller with a factory-integrated gas operation for the new cars. Equipped with the VW Golf BlueMotion TGI has a gasoline and a gas tank and should be as long-haul operation can ensure effective radius of 1380 kilometers without refueling. The bivalent four-cylinder petrol engine with 1.4 liter displacement and 110 hp thanks to turbocharging stingy and 200 Nm of torque from 1500 rpm with no weak performance: From the state of the VW Golf TGI accelerates in 10.4 seconds to 100 km / h running on a top speed of almost 200 km / h on. Much more impressive is the consumption of the VW Golf TGI car for every 100 kilometers driven is also the sedan and Variant Combination with 3.4 kg of natural gas or 5 liters of premium gasoline will settle. Also, the emission level of just 92 grams of CO ² per kilometer for a golf more than respectable. Visually, the VW Golf TGI differs only by the absence of tailpipe of his brothers model because the exhaust already completed by the underfloor gas tank in the middle of the vehicle.