VW Caddy Tramper

The VW Caddy Tramper is a family van or pickup truck and can shine in this segment by a high multifunctionality. The vehicle is in the same class at Renault Modus, Ford B-Max and Peugeot Bipper Tepee. In the interior of the VW Caddy Tramper can find space for up to seven people, making for a holiday trip are given enough opportunities. By removing the rear seats, the VW Caddy Tramper can also serve as a pickup truck, so there is a high level of everyday practicality. Motor side stand for a VW Caddy Tramper cars as five different petrol and diesel engines ready and cover a power range from 75 HP with a VW Caddy Tramper 1.6 TDI to 140 hp in the largest 2.0-liter diesel from. Very efficient built since 2010 the 1.2 TSI petrol engine in the family van. This engine is available in two power levels, with 86 and 105 hp, ready and consumed in the VW Caddy Tramper only 6.5 to 6.7 liters of premium petrol per 100 kilometers. In addition to the fairly standard equipment complete with 6 airbags, ESP and manual air conditioning, the VW Caddy Tramper can be versatile extended by optional extras.

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michel 2014-03-05

I read, that VW Caddy Tramper is full comfortable motorhome is still for many remains just a dream. And this is due not only to the lack of financial ability to purchase a motorhome dreams but with doubts about the need to acquire a large motorhome. Given that many travel quite rare and therefore, most of the time motorhome will stand idle.

For those lovers of travel and camping output exists. It is a small but very comfortable for traveling vehicle VW Caddy Tramper. Tramper - a special version of the popular Caddy for outdoor enthusiasts. On her show popularity and high sales figures last year. In the rear VW Caddy Maxi Tramper integrated folding bed measuring 1.1 × 2m. At the same time, a minivan is quite suitable for both short trips and long-distance autotravel.

Relatively compact size minivans can be attributed rather to their advantage. External length is usually not more than 5m. So such a versatile family car can be used throughout the year: it is equally well suited for daily trips to the office and for family holidays.

michel 2014-09-11

comment voir les caractéristiques techniques et les prix ??