Volvo C70 T5 Cabrio

The Volvo C70 T5 Convertible was the most exclusive way to drive a C70. Daf ÜR makes its 2.3-liter five-cylinder high-pressure turbo engine producing 245 hp. Accordingly, the performance drop out : 7.5 seconds that the Volvo C70 T5 Convertible for acceleration to 100 km / h top speed is 240 km / h A lowered sports suspension was available on request and without charge. Just press a button to enjoy the sun in less than 30 seconds can. Specifically for the Volvo C70 also developed the rollover protection system. Two integrated behind the rear seat headrests roll bar retracted - within 0.2 seconds - at the risk of a rollover. Added as an element of active safety, the stability control STC. It prevents spinning of the drive wheels and thus a deviation of the vehicle from the desired course for the Volvo C70 T5 Convertible. Among the factors that make driving in the Volvo C70 T5 Convertible not only in the open, but when closed, for pleasure, is the extensive standard equipment, to among other things, automatic air conditioning, alloy wheels, heated front seats, an audio package and the electric actuator of the top part. Find in this site cheap convertibles as a new vehicle or used car.

Tech details

Year 2009
Body type Sedan
Engine Gasoline, 2521cm³, 230HP
Drive front
Gearbox automatic
Top speed (km/h) 235
0 - 100 km/h (s)
Seats 4
Doors 2
Emissions CO2 219g/km Euro 5
Consumption (l/100km)
14 / 6.7 / 9.4
Dimensions (mm)
4620 / 1840 / 1400
Payload 307kg 200l
Insurance class 15 HF / 24 TK / 24 VK