Triumph Herald 13/60

Within the Herald - acted series of the Triumph Herald 13/60 as a top model. The Triumph Herald 13/60 was presented to only eight years after the launch of the sedan in 1967 and had the 60 hp and 1.3-liter four-cylinder is not only a stand-alone engine under the hood. The body has been changed. The Triumph Herald 13/60 got from the technicians missed an individual front, the Triumph Vitesse based on that of the six-cylinder model. Its dual headlights were missing, however. However, the rear with small tail fins and vertical tail lights remained the Triumph Herald 13/60 to receive. Even the Triumph Herald 13/60, the beautiful wooden dashboard was equipped with only a few instruments and switches. You are looking for a bargain ? In this website you will find a huge selection of vintage cars at an affordable price.