Special treatment for hybrid Hypercar

Woking, August 7, 2014

Now there are 374 McLaren McLaren P1 and P1 MSO. McLaren Special Operations ( MSO ), the 916-hp hybrid Hypercar has nabbed an American customers and aufgebrezelt it according to the rules of their own art. The result of purely optical cure is the end of August 2014 presented the first time at the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach.

Orange, carbon, nickel, gold

The painted Sterling Grey P1 shows a variety of accents in historic McLaren Orange. Behind the body-colored wheels shimmer orange brake calipers and there are matching emblems on the front, rear and side skirts. As if the rear view of the McLaren P1 would not have been dramatic enough, we have installed heat shields made ​​of 24-karat gold around the motor and the Inconel exhaust. The gold foil is clearly visible and is reminiscent of the legendary McLaren F1, which is famous for the use of gold. Even today, McLaren uses the precious material in its Formula 1 racing cars. The interior of P1 MSO has hand applied. Even more carbon and Alcantara, orange accents and a bespoke steering wheel must be mentioned here. Air vents in black nickel mirror to the materials to the exhaust ports again.

Also 650S receives special treatment

In addition to the P1 McLaren will also show a variant of the new MSO 650S Spider. According to McLaren, only 50 copies of the 650S benefit the Special Operations - treatment. The vehicle built specifically for Pebble Beach shines in the color Cerulean Blue and receives details in satin carbon fiber on the front bumper, the side air intakes, the rear bumper and diffuser. On the other hand, chrome exhaust and the wheels is used. The interior of the 650S MSO we see carbon black leather with lots of blue contrasts. Other delicacies are a dedication from McLaren chief designer Frank Stephenson and a MSO travel bag made ​​of carbon leather . ( sw )