Suzuki SX4

With the SUV Suzuki SX4 Suzuki, the Japanese company in 2006 rose to a crossover and revived the business class to Nissan Juke and Audi Q3. The Suzuki SX4 was developed in the first edition together with Fiat and is identical to the Fiat Sedici in the body. Can convince the Suzuki SX4 with a factory standard four-wheel drive, which is far more than an alibi and makes the SX4 amazing terrain. A switch next to the handbrake allows you to switch between front-wheel drive, automatic transmission 4x4 wheel drive and locked mode. In the latter position the Suzuki SX4 leads a multi-disc dry clutch, the driving force in equal parts on the front and rear axle. The 99 hp and 120 hp gasoline for Suzuki SX4 come of itself, the 135 PS common rail diesel with 2.0-liter Fiat supplied to. Also safety features such as ESP, six airbags and ISOFIX mountings are standard equipment on the Suzuki SX4 and to make it a car often sought. In 2013, the 2nd generation of the SUV was available, the study is based on the S-Cross. The new SUV has got a good 16 inches taller and thus offers not only improved in the rear space. For now, the new Suzuki SX4 is equipped with a gasoline engine and a diesel, make the same 120 hp. Search for your SUV at this website by Suzuki or Nissan.