Caught: The Spain - SUV

Hair, May 28, 2015

Middle of the night our photographer has traveled in the Alps still particularly strong camouflaged Erlkönig front of the lens. Among all the adhesive films, foams and Pappkonstruktionen is apparently hidden by the new SUV from Seat, the Tribu.

Taste and Manufacturer Language

In March 2015 Seat gave up the Geneva Motor Show with the SUV study 20V20 a foretaste of the possible appearance of a Spanish VW Tiguan. With the Erlkönig images but can be far less about the design of series vehicle say. While it is assumed ( and the translucent rear lights indicate ) that the Tribu the current design language of the manufacturer says, but whether it, for example, very edgy front of the study creates the customers plate, remains to be seen.

Transmission, drive motors

The basis of the new Seat shares incidentally with the consolidated brother VW Tiguan. This allows conclusions on the drives: So the seat SUV is probably equipped with six-speed manual transmissions and seven-speed DSGS. Standard can be expected with front wheel drive. Surcharge can then order a variable all-wheel drive. The engines of the Tribu come in all probability from the VW shelf. Accordingly, TSI and TDI engines between 1.2 and 2.0 liters displacement will cover a horsepower range of about 110 to 220 hp. Even an athletic Cupra version with two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, 300 horsepower and all-wheel seems possible.

Relationship and prices

In terms of consolidated relationship of the 2016 VW Tiguan receives not only from the company Seat: Even Skoda will bring a compact SUV called Snowman on the market. There has been no information on possible pricings of all vehicles. The only certainty is that the VW probably the most expensive will be among the three. (ml)