Peugeot iOn Cargo

The Peugeot iOn is a cargo van based on the iOn sedan. As an electric car, the Peugeot iOn Cargo aims to provide a low cost to moving vans in the city and mobilize craft companies or delivery electrically. Especially in environmental zones, the Peugeot iOn cargo, thanks to " zero emissions " are constantly used. Compared with the iOn Peugeot iOn, the small car has only two seats on cargo, as the rear of the vehicle was equipped with a mounting block. A multitude of drawers, a double bottom and various storage spaces take on the tool of trade or business offers enough storage space in the Peugeot iOn cargo for delivery services and couriers. The powertrain, however, is identical to the model brother, who performs his duties in the Mitsubishi i-MiEV : A 67 hp electric motor provides propulsion, which ends only at 130 km / h top speed. According to factory specifications, the Peugeot iOn cargo cars can cover a distance of 160 kilometers on a single charge. The batteries installed in the vehicle floor of the Peugeot iOn Cargo require on a conventional 230 volt outlet around 6 hours to get back to full charge capacity. With an optional quick charger can bring 80% charge on the Peugeot iOn cargo within 30 minutes.